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Hire Freelancers and get your work done

How Freelancing Supports Students while Studying?

Have you ever wondered how freelancing support students as they venture their dreams to achieve their university diploma? I myself have the same question a couple of years ago. Most of the students struggle to achieve their professional diploma that they need to work like a donkey to support their financial needs in continuing education.…
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6 Tips for Becoming Freelance Blogger

Freelancing is the rage nowadays. You can’t argue with working your hours, determining your pay, or choosing your clients. But this doesn’t say that it is easy. We now have a group of people who are freelance writers. These are those who can put pen to paper, and make money from it. You have probably…
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Freelancing Workforce In India

Globally, India ranks as the 2nd largest freelance workforce after the US with over 15 million people working independently in various sectors such as IT and programming, finance, sales and marketing, designing, animation, videography, content and academic writing. In 2020, 50% of workers are expected to go freelance. Economic contributions India has about 15 million freelancers and they have been significantly boosting…
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Freelance UI/UX Designer

How to Become a Freelance UX Designer

How to go above and beyond your peers and successfully find work as a freelance UX designer. As the digital economy grows, more and more people are choosing to become freelancers. Americans collectively spent more than 1 billion hours per week freelancing in 2019. In many countries, freelancing is now growing faster than overall employment.  So, why…
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Hire Freelancers to help in building your idea


Everybody has a plan until they get punched in the face, we say; the punch being the unavoidable encounter with marketplace reality. Modern approaches to entrepreneurship all stress the importance of validating ideas. So best not to plan too elaborately, too expensively or too speculatively. Instead the recommendation is: to experiment early, cost-effectively and work…
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Workifyd Java Developers

How to Become a Freelance Java Developer?

What Work Does Freelancer Do?  As you may know, or may not know, I work as a freelance Java developer. That means, that I work as a consultant. I have worked freelance since year 2000, which is most of my active career. I mostly work for big corporations, software companies, banks, transport companies etc. The…
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Being a Freelance Web Designer Isn’t a cup of tea for everyone

So often, I write about the details and observations I’ve had while running a freelance web design business. It seems like so many web designers have taken this path that I tend to forget about those who haven’t. The truth is that being a freelancer isn’t all rainbows and unicorns. And it’s not necessarily the…
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How to Test Your Marketing Efforts as a Freelancer Designer

In today’s freelancing climate, one of the best things you can do in terms of marketing yourself is to think in what I like to call “Test Terms.” What does this mean? When a food company is developing a new product to release into the market, they don’t simply travel in a straight line from…
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freelancing 2020


Generational shifts, the toll of caring amongst NHS cuts and rising public transportation costs are expected to encourage more to move into freelance work in 2020, new research has revealed.   The research, conducted by Workifyd, analysed patterns and shifts that affect the freelancing landscape to predict what the future of freelance might look like…
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How to Prepare for a Recession as a Freelancer

There are lots of arguments for the respective benefits to freelancing versus full-time employment. It still seems like there are more freelancers every year, and fewer people get to choose. And in any case, one of the notable downsides of freelancing is the marked lack of stability. There are warning signs that freelancing way of life…
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