Freelancing Vs Full time Job

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Freelancing Vs Full time Job

While a lot of employees yearn to be their own boss and to work to their own schedule, many freelancers envy the stability and security of a full-time salaried employee.

The grass may look greener on the other side of the creek for both, but when it comes to deciding what is best for you, you will have to consider your priorities and circumstances. Both fields have their own pros and cons, and what is right for you solely depends on how you want to work.

In this blog, we are going to compare freelancing with full-time job in different areas to help you make a better choice.

Stability of the office

Full-time employees have the security of an employment contract, a predictable working schedule, and a predictable income, that helps them to plan for the future by budgeting

Freelancers will not get paid for a single day that they don’t work and often there will be no guarantee of next week’s or next day’s work. Their income keeps fluctuating unpredictably. But they do have the freedom to work whenever and wherever they like at their comfort – at night, in bed or a cafe.

Security vs instability

Full-time employees are more secure than freelancers as they get a regular paycheck each month that they can rely on. Even if you get fired, you will receive a notice a few months earlier or will be provided with some compensation.

Freelancing work can be unstable. It could also be like “feast and famine,” where one month you will have lots of work and the next month you struggle to get a single assignment.

Control vs Freedom

Full-time employees have a boss who tells them what to do. Also, they must work within the rules of the organization that can be quite extensive. They have less control over their work and always must report to their senior.

Freelancers have total control. They can choose what to work on and what not on. How long to work and when not to. If an assignment doesn’t interest them, they are free to reject it. They do have a different boss for each assignment, who gives them instructions, but they can always opt out of it.

What best for you?

The answer lies in what is more important for you: security or freedom?

If you are highly self-motivated, like variety, like being your own boss, want to choose the projects you want to work on personally and if find the daily office life stressful, then freelancing is a better option for you.


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